Lucy Tutunjian

Fleur de Printemps, huile sur toile, 40x50 cm

Le Chant des Fleurs, huile sur toile,

40x38 cm


The Man at the Ocean

Lucy's artistic vision began to flower under the guidance of the Egyptian born painter Puzant Godjamanian. When Lucy was married and settled in Lebanon, she continued her studies with Lucy Nercess and finally with Paul Guiragossian. Mr. Guiragossian ignited a passion and energy for painting in Lucy that culminated in the first exhibition of her work at the Alecco Saab Gallery in 1962. Since that time, Lucy's art has been shown in Beirut at the Phoenicia Hotel, Galerie Manoug, Modulart, and Emmagos. She has also had exhibitions in New York, New Jersey, Montreal and Cairo, and many of her works are hung in gallery collections.

Lucy's paintings often depict scenes of the natural world such as sunny landscapes of the Middle East or remembered images fro her trips to the Far East. These have been praised by both the public and critics particularly because of her outstanding use of vivid colors. Lucy feels a deep love for the natural world and the figures with which it is peopled. She feels drawn to the character of her subjects rather than their beauty. Her style is figurative and her expression simple and sincere.

Lucy is also a well known portrait specialist. She has painted many interesting personalities from intellectuals to figures such as the first lady of Egypt, Mrs Suzan Moubarak.